Hey I'm Luis

Web Developer, Electronic Music Entrepeneur

About Me

Born, raised and currently living in Guadalajara, Mexico; I’m an Asian (just a ¼, but the strongest Asian stream in the family that ¼ turned out to be) self-taught tech-geek and musician. Married my best friend and together, we adopted Fritz, a very cool Belgian Malinois Shepherd.

Freelancer for over 4 years as well as a team player, working as Full Stack Developer at a Startup in Singapore; Websites, web and mobile app’s are amongst my list of delivered projects that translate into happy clients.

I’m driven, creative, disciplined and passionate about constructing ideas into reality, always looking for the best option to develop it, even if it means I need to learn new and more things to obtain the best solution to each of the challenges presented to me.

Tend to be more of a listener but when required, I put my points of view on the table up for discussion. ¡Oh! And I’m a “people-person” too.

Recent Work